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The Future of Identity

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What is the future of identity? As society continues to grow ever more large, proving that you are you is becoming more of a problem every day. We have so many numbers that identify us now, such as social security, phone, credit card and bank account numbers, that it makes me wonder if there’s not a better way to handle this whole problem. It’s really not a scalable solution.

Traditionally, in small communities this wasn’t an issue as there weren’t enough people to have unknown community members. This is still the case in small towns where everyone knows everyone. But now with the urban population exceeding the rural population for the first time in human history, we’re having the inverse problem of everyone knowing virtually no one in their community. Think about it…how many people in your apartment complex do you really know? How many people that live on your block do you know?

Banks used to know their customers by name and now we’re just numbers. Now that numbers can be spoofed they’re looking into biometrics such as fingerprint and retina scans. But it’s only a matter of time until those become spoofed as well, and then what? At least with numbers we can just make up a new one once our identity is compromised. Are they going to issue us new fingers and eyeballs?

Written by Curtis Chambers

July 6, 2007 at 2:16 pm

Posted in Culture, Security, Thoughts


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